Type of Services Provided:

Now that you have decided to install a living shoreline on your property, contacting an experienced professional in living shoreline construction is the next step.

Living shoreline specialist will often provide the following services:

  • Site assessment
  • Project design
  • Obtaining the appropriate regulatory permits
  • Construction materials
  • Delivery of materials
  • Rental of equipment for construction
  • Construction labor
  • Maintenance

Tips for Working with a Reputable Company:

When shopping around for who best to install your living shoreline, the following tips are good practices in working with a reputable company:

  • Not all companies perform the work in every step of the process, you may need to put a team together where each member handles an aspect of the project such as design, permitting, construction or maintenance
  • Set goals you would like your project to accomplish: erosion control, wildlife habitat, improved water quality, water access, etc.
  • Ensure the companies are bonded and insured
  • Request for environmental credentials
  • Ask for examples of previous sites where they constructed a successful project
  • Go see those sites in person if visible from a public area
  • Obtain multiple quotes with the same plan and materials
  • Consider a contract that includes “retention” in order to retain some of the payment until the project is completed
  • Have a detailed contract in place before any work begins
  • Ask if the contractor does any monitoring or checking in on their work

In Delaware, it is not required that a licensed marine contractor install a living shoreline. Although, it is highly recommended that you contact a specialist that has a background in coastal engineering and marine construction to ensure a properly designed project.