Here's just a small sampling of the living shorelines we've helped install over the years. Check out this Tour of Living Shorelines in Delaware for more.


Blackbird Creek Reserve

The goal of the traditional Blackbird Creek Reserve living shoreline is to: address erosion that was causing problems on the east and west side of the Reserve's boat ramp; two trees had already fallen into the Blackbird Creek and more were at risk of falling, and serve as a demonstration site to landowners and contractors when bank erosion control is needed. See more information and sites.



Mispillion Harbor

The goal of the hybrid Mispillion Harbor living shoreline is to: improve water quality, enhance aquatic habitat, encourage expansion of existing natural oyster reef, and to protect the existing marsh from further erosion. See more information and sites.



Indian River Marina

The goal of the traditional living shoreline in front of the riprap is to: create additional marsh habitat that is not supported by riprap, and protect the marina building and the boat ramp from erosion. See more information and sites.