Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. The Delaware Living Shorelines Committee is a work group dedicated to facilitating the understanding, peer review and implementation of living shoreline tactics within the State of Delaware.


  • Outreach: Promotes the understanding of living shorelines through trainings and the development of outreach materials

  • Standards of Practice: Created and will update as needed a framework to aide in the monitoring of living shorelines

  • Engineering & Design: Working towards the creation of a document to aide in the design of living shorelines in Delaware

  • Implementation: Promotes programs to aide in the installation of living shorelines, and seeks out demonstration projects

  • Regulatory, Policy & Programmatic Development: Monitors the living shoreline cost share program, permitting changes, and tracks projects within Delaware

For questions about the committee please contact Alison.Rogerson@delaware.gov or dkreeger@DelawareEstuary.org.


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