Marshes are living ecosystems that change over time.  Healthy marshes may erode from time to time during strong storms or strong waves, but they have the ability to bounce back by filling themselves back in as tides flush in and out.  The picture above shows a healthy marsh naturally adapting to an undercut eroded bank.  Note that the plants are expanding away from the marsh edge towards the water line helping to build that marsh back up. 

There are many times where a marsh is not able to repair itself, and a living shoreline may just be the kick-start that it needs.  We suggest contacting a design provider to determine if you have a significant erosion problem, but below are a few signs of persistent erosion.

Common Signs of Erosion


Exposure of Peat


Exposed Roots


Bank Undercutting


Marsh Slumping Off


Landmarks are now in Open Water


Cusping Erosion